Paid Tax Parcel / Address Lookup for Tax Year 2022
To find paid tax information, you will first need to enter a parcel number, partial address or owner name. Please note that successful searches are those that match parcel number, name(s) or address similar to that listed on a bill (or Deed/Parcel). Names are listed last name first. Switching orders of names (looking for Doe Jane John when the records contain Doe John Jane) for instance will not result in a successful search. Wildcards are not supported.

  • Enter at least two characters to begin searching for the parcel OR address (including partial).
  • Do not use punctuation.
  • Results are sorted in text order, not by numbers. As such, 1000 will appear before 700 and streets with no number will come before those with numbers. Therefore, you may need to scroll a little further to see your results.
  • Street direction should be a single character (e.g., N for North and E for East)
  • Only 1,000 results may show at a time in the drop down. If you do not see what you are looking for, you may need to be more specific, where the Parcel Number (or Control Number) is the best option.
  • Street types use well-recognized abbreviations (e.g., DR for Drive, LN for LANE, AVE for AVENUE, CIR for CIRCLE, and BLVD for BOULEVARD)
  • Press "Submit" or enter on the keyboard to search using the selected parcel number.
  • Optionally pressing "Reset" will remove any address selected to allow you to start over.